Grilleriet Copenhagen
Grilleriet Copenhagen

Experience a unique barbecuing course centre

Following on from over three years of sizzling success at Grilleriet in Aalborg, the time has come to welcome a new member to the family in the form of the new Grilleriet grill academy in Copenhagen – a new addition that has set the bar even higher!

When you walk into Grilleriet on Amerikakaj, a wharf from which people emigrated to the United States in the 1950s to seek their fortune, you immediately notice that you are stepping into a building with soul. The old courtyard building has been renovated to create an ultramodern multicentre, but you will still sense the building's long history as you walk among fieldstone arches, whitewashed walls and beautiful gargoyles. Proximity to the blue waves along the Amerikakaj wharf provides a maritime setting. The atmosphere is authentic, rustic and intense – perfect for the most memorable events.

Symbolically, the large Grilleriet kitchen has been placed at the centre of the atrium – as the grill is the centre of our universe. The unique set-up – which comprises six large work tables, an enormous range hood and 16 large grills – allows up to 80 people at a time to barbecue a fantastic feast indoors.

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With Østerport Station just a 5-minute walk away, all kinds of accommodation nearby and all the delights of Copenhagen within easy reach, there are no limits to what’s possible. From every perspective, Grilleriet simply radiates an expansive, flexible framework of opportunities rather than limitations. Here you can be sure of a unique experience that fully lives up to your wildest dreams and expectations – and then some!




Grilleriet Copenhagen
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